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Wholesaler Wolseley Group, specialising in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump equipment, has unveiled a series of roadshows aimed at showcasing sustainable energy transition solutions and technologies.

Dubbed the Future Energy Transition events, these roadshows will span the next three months and cover various locations across the UK. Their primary objective is to assist professional installers in understanding the wide array of sustainable plumbing and heating options available to support the diverse housing stock in the country. Additionally, the events will feature participation from up to 20 equipment suppliers during the early evening sessions.

The roadshows will primarily focus on providing guidance, technical expertise, and proposals concerning low carbon heating solutions. The aim is to highlight the opportunities that the UK's energy transition will create for installers.

Engaging and informative sessions will cover topics such as legislation, training, technology selection, feature presentations and Q&A sessions led by industry experts and insiders. The events are scheduled from 17.00 to 20.00, with customer arrival starting from 4.30 pm.

Nick Coad, Head of ESG at Wolseley Group, emphasised the importance of taking the latest technology and solutions on the road, as it helps increase awareness and understanding of the optimal options for different types of UK homes.

Coad stated, "Our sector is always busy meeting demand from householders, so taking the latest technology and solutions on the road is an important way to increase not only awareness but understanding of what the best options for different types of UK home now are."

The event schedule is as follows: June 20 in Bolton (Bolton Wanderers Stadium), July 4 in Glasgow (Hampden Park), July 11 in Southampton (St Mary’s Football Stadium), July 17 in Cambridge (Babraham Institute), July 25 in Exeter (Exeter Chiefs, Sandy Park), August 1 in Leeds (Headingley Stadium), and August 8 in Northampton (Northampton Saints).

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