Trane Transforms Heat Pumps for Decarbonising US

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KnowESG_Trane Technologies' Heat Pumps to Decarbonise America’s Industrial Sector
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Trane Technologies, a renowned global pioneer in climate innovation, announced its involvement in three projects that aim to enhance the efficiency of next-generation heat pumps.

These projects, which have received grants from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), focus on developing transformative technologies to decarbonise various industrial sectors while reducing energy consumption and emissions.

Industrial heat pumps hold the potential to electrify high-temperature heating processes, serving as a viable alternative to fossil fuel combustion in carbon-intensive industries such as cement production, food and beverage manufacturing, and chemicals.

Trane Technologies recognises the significance of these solutions and is committed to relentless innovation for a net-zero future.

Paul Camuti, the executive vice president and chief technology and sustainability officer of Trane Technologies, expressed excitement about collaborating with research partners and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved for a more sustainable world.

The projects involve prominent research partners who are leaders in their respective fields. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory, under the DOE's initiative, aims to develop and test an ultra-high temperature industrial heat pump.

The project considers multiple design factors, including advanced AI integration, process control, the use of low-global warming potential refrigerants, and waste heat recovery.

Purdue University's project focuses on developing a higher-temperature industrial heat pump that leverages 3D printing for the compressor system and explores design considerations such as thermal energy storage for optimised integration with industrial processes.

Texas A&M University's Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) project aims to create a high-performance heat pump system that integrates dehumidification, low-cost sensors, and predictive controls. The objective is to improve food drying methods while maintaining quality and reducing energy costs in the process.

These innovative heat pump initiatives complement Trane Technologies' position as a leading provider of decarbonisation solutions for the built environment. The company's cutting-edge heat pump technology for commercial buildings combines heating and cooling systems into one efficient electric solution. Moreover, Trane Technologies' residential cold-climate heat pump has surpassed the DOE's requirements for high-efficiency heating in freezing temperatures.

Trane Technologies' unwavering commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through its ambitious 2030 Sustainability Commitments, including the Gigaton Challenge, as well as its pledge to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

These commitments are supported by emissions reduction targets validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). Through its bold and industry-leading actions, Trane Technologies is driving forward the transition towards a sustainable future.

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