Techmer PM Announces New Sustainability Brand

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Techmer PM, a leading North American polymer compounder and materials design firm, has launched a new sustainability brand called HiTerra™. The brand aims to support the plastics industry's ongoing focus on sustainability.

“Techmer remains committed to enabling our customers' success by providing innovative solutions to today’s most challenging problems. We are proud that this sustainability brand lends a recognisable name for us to deliver on that promise,” said Michael McHenry, Chief Executive Officer of Techmer PM.

The HiTerra brand shows that Techmer PM is committed to providing sustainable products and solutions to the industry. The HiTerra products are made to help brand owners and processors reach their sustainability goals by using recycling enablers, alternative resin technologies, and sustainability enablers like making food packaging last longer and making manufacturing more efficient.

Techmer PM's commitment to protecting the earth for future generations and its high-performing masterbatches and compound solutions led to the HiTerra brand of products.

“We’re excited to see where this brand name takes us. We already have a wide range of technologies that have been successful on the market. One of the pillars Techmer PM prides itself on is sustainability, and our development pipeline is focused on addressing the current and future needs on this critical topic," said Kaan Serpersu, Product Development and Sustainability Manager at Techmer PM. He also said that all of Techmer PM's sustainable solutions will now be easy for customers to find.

The launch of HiTerra is part of Techmer PM's efforts to be more sustainable. It comes after the release of its Sustainability Report, which shows how the company's products and innovations help its customers become more sustainable. Techmer PM's goal in sustainability is to help people and the environment by promoting sustainable technology and education initiatives.

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