Switch Automation Introduces Freemium Portfolio Benchmarking to Help Portfolio Owners Meet ESG and Net-Zero Goals

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Switch Automation, a global technology business specialising in building digitisation and decarbonisation, has announced the release of a freemium energy benchmarking solution for global building portfolios.

This industry move intends to democratise access to building performance data and expedite the decarbonisation of the built environment at a time when building owners and operators are under increased regulatory and shareholder pressure to meet ESG and net-zero goals on time.

Switch Automation's Portfolio Benchmarking Basics is an interactive portfolio management app that lets customers track energy data to find buildings that aren't doing as well and improve their energy efficiency. Users can upload up to 20 utility bills to create a database of historical energy data and find opportunities and risks right away to reduce energy use and meet ESG and corporate net-zero goals. 

Deb Noller, CEO and Co-Founder of Switch Automation, said: 

"The industry is well aware of the magnitude of impact that decarbonising buildings has, but there are two major challenges – cost and change. Doing things the way they've always been done means some landlords have decided to pay penalties rather than address energy improvements. That means, today there is a higher cost than ever of doing nothing.

"We know that this reluctance comes from the fact that energy costs are low compared to the costs of making a change at first. That's what we aim to address by opening up access to Switch's energy benchmarking. We can help the building owners and operators meet sustainability goals while also future-proofing their operations and saving them money."

As a result of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act, Australia's federally mandated NABERS ratings, the U.K.'s introduction of NABERS, the EU Taxonomy, and other decarbonisation commitments in different parts of the world, building owners and operators are investing more in energy efficiency and digital portfolio management to be more proactive about building performance.

Portfolio Benchmarking Basic includes:

  • Comprehensive data analysis

  • Benchmarking and sustainability dashboards

  • Infinite utility uploads and calculations

  • "Next step” visualisations

Switch's technology has been used in asset portfolios in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea since 2012 when it launched the world's first cloud-hosted operation platform. It has helped buildings optimise energy efficiency and services, improve occupant comfort and brand equity, and lower operating costs. Net Operating Income (NOI) goes up when a switch is made, and the building's emissions go down. Switch wants to save over 1 million tonnes of carbon from their clients' buildings. This is a big goal.

Switch Automation is releasing a freemium Portfolio Benchmarking Basics platform at CREtech New York 2022, which is the world's largest gathering of real estate professionals who want to use new technology to improve their work. 

Source: Businesswire

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