SNP's EXA Introduces New Product Carbon Footprint Solution for SAP Ecosystem to Drive ESG

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EXA is an SNP company and a top provider of solutions for transforming financial management, with a focus on operational transfer pricing and global value chains.

SNP has launched EXA’s next-generation Product Carbon Footprint solution: SNP PCF is a "cradle-to-gate" solution that builds a global bill of materials for each product using data from source SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

This lets companies assign carbon emissions to the most detailed level of activities, such as getting materials from outside suppliers and doing everything in the company that adds value.

Gerald Faust, managing director and CEO, Asia Pacific, Japan, and Middle East, SNP, said:

“SNP PCF is a new milestone in the continued expansion of SNP’s software portfolio in the SAP environment, which already includes data transformation, data management, and analytics. With the new solution, SNP is contributing to the world’s target of reducing the carbon footprint by 45 per cent and achieving net zero by 2050.”

Divya Vir Rastogi, CEO and co-founder of EXA, said:

"There is an urgent need for manufacturers to address the decarbonisation challenge. Proper carbon footprint determination and management not only happens at the level of single products but also down to the level of each individual material and production activity. Only then can carbon emissions be assigned correctly and rolled up to the product level.

"While carbon emission values can be secured from suppliers or life cycle assessment (LCA) databases, companies can assign actual emission values to various activities. Most industrial sectors struggle with getting reliable and verifiable data to build a global bill of materials to quantify CO2 emissions for their products. SNP PCF delivers the data they need and helps quantify greenhouse emissions associated with products.”

Source: itwire

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