Sitowise Unveils 2023-2025 Strategy

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Sitowise's new strategy for 2023–2025 is based on the company's current expertise in built environments and the achievements it has accomplished during the previous strategy period.

Sitowise has broadened its scope by acquiring companies that specialise in climate and sustainability services, SaaS business, specialised design, and sustainable renovation construction. The company has also expanded its presence in Sweden, and its reputation as an employer has significantly improved. Despite market uncertainties, Sitowise's extensive service offerings, diverse customer base, and robust digital expertise have continued to thrive.

The company's growth is being propelled by megatrends such as urbanisation, the shift in transportation modes and methods, the backlog of renovations, the push for green transition, sustainability, and digitalisation. The rising complexity of construction, the increase in technological content, the tightening of regulations, and the emphasis on sustainability and the life cycle effects of the built environment all contribute to the increased demand for Sitowise's services. To meet the demands of this changing operating environment, Sitowise recognises the need for new approaches to sustainably contribute to the business.

"Sustainability, together with digitalisation, is shaking up the entire industry, but also society. We need to be able to see how this affects the everyday of people living in the built environment, our clients’ needs, and projects that we do," says Heikki Haasmaa, the CEO of Sitowise.

"With our new vision, Redefining smartness in cities, we voice our ambition to be the pioneer and partner whose expertise brings added value in the middle of this continuous change," Haasmaa said.

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