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Grid resilience tech company Reactive Technologies secures AUD 1.43 million from ARENA for a real-time grid inertia measurement trial in Australia.

Reactive secured funding from ARENA's Advancing Renewables Programme, in partnership with Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), Department of Energy, Environment, and Climate Action (DEECA), Melbourne Energy Institute, and Neoen, for a trial measuring grid inertia in high solar, wind, and demand conditions. Reactive's XMUs will measure signals from Neoen's Victorian Big Battery, with GridMetrix® software providing real-time inertia values on AEMO's dashboard.

As Australia's coal power stations are expected to close by 2040, accurate grid inertia measurements are crucial for integrating more renewables into the grid. Reactive's GridMetrix® tool offers enhanced visibility into grid functions, replacing legacy tools and enabling operators to predict and plan for reliable sources of inertia, ensuring grid stability in the face of disruptions caused by renewable generators.

"We are honoured to receive funding from ARENA and demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology in facilitating a seamless transition to net zero carbon grids while maintaining reliability and resilience," said Marc Borrett, CEO of Reactive Technologies. "Australia, like many other countries, recognises the importance of measuring grid inertia in accelerating their energy transition. We appreciate the support of federal and Victorian governments and look forward to further collaboration with ARENA and other Australian agencies as we commence our work."

"Continuous measurement of inertia will be invaluable in enabling less conservative grid operations and accommodating more renewable generation like solar and wind," said Darren Miller, CEO of ARENA. "Reactive Technologies' measurement tools have the potential to revolutionise the management of the NEM. Real-time data available to AEMO could also optimise customer-side generation, which has been shown to contribute up to 30 per cent of total inertia to the National Grid in the United Kingdom."

Originally founded in Finland and the UK, Reactive Technologies has successfully deployed its technology in the UK, Japan, Italy, and New Zealand. In 2022, the company expanded to North America, providing accurate measurements of inertia and grid functions and supporting the integration of renewables while maintaining grid reliability.

Reactive empowers utilities and grid operators with critical intelligence for enhancing resilience as they transition to zero-carbon power grids. The company's global expansion will continue to support countries in accelerating their energy transition efforts.

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