Partnership to Provide Grid-Scale Energy Storage

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EnerVenue, a pioneer in metal-hydrogen battery technology, has teamed up with High Caliber Energy, a Florida-based consultancy and EPC firm, to introduce groundbreaking grid-scale energy storage solutions in Florida.

In a significant development, EnerVenue will supply 25 MWh of Energy Storage Vessels (ESVs) to a prominent energy company based in the Southeastern United States, with delivery scheduled for Q4 2024. The ESVs will play a crucial role in a large-scale project aimed at providing efficient energy storage for Florida residents.

High Caliber Energy specialises in integrating cutting-edge technologies to create tailored, advanced, and cost-effective power systems that enhance operational efficiency, align with ESG objectives, and bolster resilience.

In this particular case, the company has assisted one of its major U.S. energy clients in evaluating various solar and battery energy storage system (BESS) technologies, with a focus on safety, value, support, and battery longevity.

After a rigorous selection process, the client opted for EnerVenue ESVs as the perfect fit for its Florida energy storage project and its expanding solar plus storage initiatives. These ESVs will primarily be used for load-levelling and frequency regulation, meeting the client's evolving clean energy goals.

Matt Davis, Managing Partner at High Caliber Energy, expressed his confidence in EnerVenue's technology, stating, "When you compare stats across the array of available stationary energy storage technologies, EnerVenue’s jump off the page for their operational efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness." He further emphasised the company's pride in partnering with EnerVenue and its commitment to supporting the client's clean energy endeavours in Florida using ESVs.

EnerVenue's Energy Storage Vessels represent the next generation of their innovative metal-hydrogen battery technology, boasting exceptional longevity, efficiency, and adaptability through a highly configurable and scalable product design.

These ESVs offer an estimated lifespan of 30 years, or 30,000 cycles, retaining 86% capacity after 30,000 cycles and supporting up to three cycles per day without requiring rest. Notably, unlike lithium-ion batteries used in stationary applications, metal-hydrogen ESVs are inherently safe, with no risk of thermal runaway or propagation, eliminating the need for expensive fire suppression systems. Additionally, ESVs are almost entirely recyclable, making them a more environmentally responsible and sustainable alternative to lithium-ion storage systems.

Randall Selesky, Chief Revenue Officer at EnerVenue, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with High Caliber Energy and the opportunity to introduce their Energy Storage Vessel technology to Florida. Selesky acknowledged High Caliber Energy's reputation as a trusted advisor to energy providers and utilities and highlighted EnerVenue's ability to deliver superior performance and cost-effectiveness, meeting the stringent demands of storage projects while achieving a low levelized cost of energy storage.

Alongside recent supply agreements, EnerVenue has also unveiled plans to establish a one-million-square-foot gigafactory in Kentucky to scale up production, further demonstrating the company's commitment to advancing the field of energy storage.

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Source: EnerVenue


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