OOCL Welcomes Another Eco-Friendly Giant

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Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) Welcomes New Eco-Friendly Mega Containership.

OOCL, a leading global shipping company, has welcomed its fifth eco-friendly 24,188 TEU mega containership, the OOCL Zeebrugge.

The vessel was named at a ceremony held at the Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. (NACKS) shipyard in China.

The OOCL Zeebrugge is equipped with the latest technological and green features, including a hull design that reduces resistance and fuel consumption and an exhaust gas cleaning system that reduces emissions. The vessel is also equipped with energy-efficient lighting and appliances.

Kenny Ye, COO of OOCL, said at the ceremony that the new mega containerships will help the company better navigate uncertainties in the future. He also said that the vessels demonstrate OOCL's commitment to sustainability.

The OOCL Zeebrugge is the first of 12 vessels in the series. The remaining vessels are scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2023.

The addition of OOCL Zeebrugge is a significant milestone for OOCL. The vessel is a symbol of the company's commitment to sustainability and continued investment in its fleet.

Some of the highlights include:

  • The OOCL Zeebrugge is the largest containership ever built in China.

  • The vessel is capable of carrying 24,188 TEUs of containers, which is equivalent to about 24,000 standard shipping containers.

  • The OOCL Zeebrugge is expected to save about 10% on fuel consumption compared to older containerships.

  • The vessel is also expected to reduce emissions by about 15%.

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Source: OOCL


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