NOVA's Recycling Milestone: Novolex Partnership

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NOVA Chemicals Corporation (NOVA Chemicals) has taken a momentous step in expanding its Circular Solutions business by revealing its investment plans to establish a pioneering mechanical recycling facility in Connersville, Indiana.

This facility will focus on processing post-consumer plastic films to produce SYNDIGO™ recycled polyethylene (rPE) on a commercial scale, with the target of delivering over 100 million pounds of rPE to the market by 2026. The move is part of NOVA Chemicals' ambitious 2030 roadmap, which aims to achieve 30 percent recycled content as a share of its total polyethylene sales.

Committed to sustainability leadership, NOVA Chemicals plans to invest between US$2-4 billion by 2030 to not only expand sustainable product offerings but also decarbonise its assets and establish a state-of-the-art mechanical recycling business while exploring advanced recycling technologies.

NOVA Chemicals' President and CEO, Roger Kearns, expressed his pride in the company's dedication to reshaping plastics for a more sustainable future. He emphasised their commitment to supporting their customers in achieving their recycled content goals and looked forward to further announcements as they work towards a low-carbon, zero-plastic waste future.

Located strategically in Connersville, the facility is set to be one of the city's largest private employers, providing job opportunities for approximately 125 individuals. The choice of location was driven by its convenient access to ample feedstock supply from nearby metropolitan areas, along with an easily accessible rail service for distributing SYNDIGO™ rPE to NOVA Chemicals' customers.

Novolex Holdings, LLC, a leading developer of packaging products for food service and industrial markets, will operate the facility, bringing over 15 years of experience in operating plastic film recycling facilities to the collaboration. This partnership is expected to expedite the supply of SYNDIGO™ rPE to the market.

Stanley Bikulege, Chairman and CEO of Novolex, expressed excitement about the collaboration with NOVA Chemicals' Circular Solutions and highlighted the opportunity to operate an innovative recycling facility in Indiana, a state known for its sustainability, innovation, and business-friendly environment. The plant is expected to strengthen its commitment to supporting recycling and the circular economy.

Governor Eric J. Holcomb of Indiana warmly welcomed NOVA Chemicals and Novolex to the state and the East Central community. He expressed pride in Indiana's pro-growth business climate and skilled workforce and looked forward to the partnership creating new career opportunities and promoting the circular economy.

Greg DeKunder, Vice President of NOVA Circular Solutions, highlighted the significance of plastic products in daily life and their potential to contribute to a lower-carbon, sustainable world. He emphasised NOVA Chemicals' dedication to collaborative efforts, such as this project with Novolex and the State of Indiana, aimed at recapturing the value of plastic materials for repeated use, further supporting the North American circular economy.

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