mCloud and Google Cloud Collaborate to Launch Trio of Sustainability Apps Aimed at Reducing Carbon Emissions Globally

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mCloud Technologies Corp., a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered asset management and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to launch three AI-powered sustainability applications that combine the Company's AssetCare platform with the power and reach of Google Cloud and additional services such as Google Earth Engine.

The strategic partnership between mCloud and Google Cloud comes at a good time since the United States, the European Union, and Saudi Arabia have all made big promises to cut down on methane and make emission rules stricter. 

Because of this, organisations around the world that use a lot of energy are looking for new ways to automate and streamline their emissions management and sustainability programmes. This is exactly what mCloud and Google Cloud are trying to do with these apps.

mCloud's applications provide "Results-as-a-Service," focusing on oil and gas facilities, commercial buildings, and wind farms. These applications use mCloud's industrial AI, visual analytics, and 3D digital twin capabilities to measure, locate, and correct harmful emissions, eliminate energy waste, reduce carbon and methane footprints, and maximise the contributions of renewable wind energy globally.

As part of this collaboration, mCloud has joined the Google Partner Advantage programme, and mCloud and Google Cloud intend to jointly co-market and deliver these applications to customers worldwide, offering services to specific customers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Japan, in addition to major global customers already working with both companies.

In collaboration with Google Cloud, mCloud will directly integrate and leverage core Google Cloud services such as Google Earth Engine, Vision AI, Natural Language AI, Translation AI, TensorFlow, and others to enable powerful capabilities driving the sustainability of asset- and energy-intensive operations:

  • At oil and gas facilities, field teams can access asset information at their fingertips, in the cloud, and on any voice-enabled mobile device with Google Cloud's Natural Language AI. Digitalised processes and workflows make it easier to find and pinpoint methane leaks, and virtual collaboration tools make it possible for the frontline and back office to work together in real time.

  • At commercial and industrial facilities, access to data unique to Google Earth Engine and other Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability data partners, such as solar intensity, weather conditions, and site occupancy, along with companion Google Cloud applications for retail and commercial facilities such as auto dealerships enable opportunities to automatically drive major reductions in peak demand and energy use intensity per square foot through intelligent management of building and site infrastructure energy consumption.

  • At wind farms, real-time wind data from Google Earth Engine and other Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability data partners, tightly integrated with mCloud's AI-driven image processing capabilities, optimise wind energy production, eliminate maintenance overhead from manual work, and automate the inspection of wind turbine blades.

mCloud President and CEO Russ McMeekin said:

"mCloud's partnership with Google Cloud will create many new and exciting opportunities for curbing climate emissions. The Google Cloud team has been extraordinary in their support, and our teams are working well together. The direct collaboration between one of the industry's most innovative clouds and its AI capabilities, such as Google Earth Engine, and mCloud's AssetCare, creates substantial new operating efficiencies. This means our new sustainability applications will be able to: precisely localise and target harmful emissions at the equipment level, use AI with live wind and solar data to maximise the utility of renewable energy sources, and automatically optimise the emissions footprint of assets everywhere through cloud-based capabilities.

"Being part of Google Cloud's global network for our go-to-market enables mCloud to take applications in partnership with Google Cloud and reach key accounts in every major region of mCloud's business. As an added benefit, we will be well-positioned to align our sales, marketing, R&D, and regional expansion with specific account and growth objectives. We began these activities in several key markets this summer, and we will continue to make progress together in the days ahead."

Amit Zavery, VP/GM and Head of Platform, Google Cloud, said: 

"We are pleased to work with innovative partners like mCloud to help address the challenge of eliminating harmful GHG emissions in the energy industry. By leveraging Google Cloud and capabilities made possible with Google Earth Engine and AI/ML services, customers will be able to increase their sustainability efforts by optimising and mitigating their carbon and methane emissions with technology and at cloud scale."

Source: mCloud

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