Luminia Supports Projects Adopting Clean Energy and Sustainability

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A Brief Summary

Luminia, a clean energy company based in California, announced new financing solutions and modern technology to support commercial businesses or projects pursuing sustainable developments. The firm has committed to bolstering sustainable development through its solutions and helping transform existing commercial properties.

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Luminia is one of the leading companies providing sustainable technology and financing solutions to businesses. It plays a significant role in developing renewable infrastructure and real estate assets. The company, at present, is using its skills and leadership to help businesses meet sustainability goals.

Carondelet High School in Concord, California, which operates on solar power, is one of the examples of how Luminia's solutions work. The school has also been associated with Sun Light and Power to lower carbon footprint and lower energy bills.

“Luminia provided us with a financing solution under a short timeframe, and it turned out to be a better option than what others were providing. Luminia viewed us as a partner and wanted to serve us properly, treat us well and make us a priority – which was extremely important to us,” said Noah Galabow, CFO of Carondelet High School.

Luminia has a team of professionals that guides the company in projects across different businesses. Luminia's co-managing partner David Field worked with a platform that executed over 8000 residential solar transactions worth over $350 million. Jin Kelly, also a co-managing partner, has about 30 years of experience in commercial real estate.

“Over the last three decades, I have grown acutely aware of the challenges in financing sustainability improvements for the commercial real estate industry. This experience guided our approach to inventing new ways for commercial property owners to achieve their ESG targets,” Kelly said.

Businesses seek sustainable technology for their projects due to increased interest in eco-friendly properties. Luminia can bolster companies to adopt clean energy and other sustainability features in their business operations.


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