KDDI, Cisco, Fujitsu Cut Telecom Network Power by 40%

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KDDI Corporation, Cisco Systems G.K, and Fujitsu Limited have jointly announced the commencement of full-scale operations for their metro network on October 1st, 2023.

This metro network, which seamlessly integrates the IP layer network with the optical transmission layer network, is set to revolutionise network operations.

The innovative metro network incorporates a unique configuration that merges the IP and optical transmission layers. It employs Cisco's NCS5500 series routers, designed for direct transmission and reception of optical signals through WDM, in combination with Fujitsu's 1FINITY series Open Line System (OLS).

The Open Line System is equipped with an open interface, allowing easy connection to products from other companies. This approach significantly reduces the number of devices required when compared to conventional setups that involve separate routers and transponders for WDM.

The result is a remarkable 40% reduction in power consumption. Furthermore, this new configuration simplifies capacity expansion, ensuring a swift response to the escalating demands of communication traffic. KDDI has ambitious plans to extend the metro network across Japan by the conclusion of the fiscal year 2028.

In the wake of the widespread adoption of 5G services in Japan, there has been a surge in users consuming data-intensive services, and the volume of communication is growing exponentially.

To align with its goal of achieving net-zero CO2 emissions in non-consolidated business activities by FY2030, KDDI recognises the urgency of reducing power consumption. The continuous expansion of network infrastructure to manage the surging communication demands poses a persistent challenge to this objective.

Key Features of the Metro Network

  • Reduced Power Consumption and Space Efficiency through IP Layer and Optical Transmission Layer Integration: This novel configuration eliminates the need for an external enclosure to house the WDM transponder, significantly cutting power consumption and saving equipment installation space. The WDM transponder is condensed into an optical module and integrated into a Cisco router. The optical module itself is optimised for low power consumption through semiconductor manufacturing improvements.

  • Openness Facilitating Rapid Facility Expansion: The Fujitsu OLS "1FINITY" series, chosen for the metro network's inter-station transmission lines, supports open interfaces. This enables seamless connectivity with various equipment, including products from different manufacturers. Consequently, when increasing the transmission capacity between stations, this can be achieved by adding hardware or adjusting settings on the router side, ensuring a swift response to the future surge in communication traffic.

KDDI is committed to constructing an all-photonic network capable of high capacity with minimal power consumption. The integration of the IP and optical transmission layers marks the initial stride toward this visionary network. KDDI remains dedicated to establishing sustainable networks that contribute to reduced power consumption and advocates for open network architectures that facilitate the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Cisco is extending its technology portfolio to encompass advanced network capabilities, including simplification and automation of network and device operations. This progression is aimed at realising an inclusive future for all individuals in the era beyond 5G/6G while also fostering eco-friendly practices in both technology and business.

Fujitsu, on its part, is promoting the development of robust, human-centric networks for the future, spanning from 5G and 6G technologies to optical backbone networks. It is actively assisting telecommunications carriers in achieving carbon neutrality by introducing products in the market that minimise power consumption within networks.

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