Halliburton's Sustainable Solutions at ADIPEC

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Picture of Halliburton Launching Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Solutions at ADIPEC

As part of its presence at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), Halliburton Company announced new products that use innovative technologies and are good for the environment.

Altogether, the new technologies lead to more accurate and efficient drilling, better safety from remote automation, and a smaller carbon footprint from cementing.

Halliburton's iStar drilling and logging platform now has a new service called BrightStar look-ahead resistivity. It shows the path ahead of the bit to improve drilling performance and make well delivery more consistent.

BrightStar is a service that uses a small collar to map formation and fluid boundaries up to 100 feet (30 metres) ahead of the bit. It does this by using near-bit resistivity and anisotropy to find changes in the formation, which increases confidence in geo-stopping and speeds up proactive drilling decisions.

The FloConnect surface automation platform is an efficient and safe way to test wells on the surface that is fully automated and scalable. FloConnect, an industry first, automates the control, measurement, and analysis of surface well testing.

It makes it possible to access data in real time, monitor processes, and control them from a command centre or a remote location. By moving workers out of the red zone, FloConnect reduces operational variability and makes the best use of workers. This makes workers safer and reduces their exposure to dangerous and complicated operations.

The NeoCem E+ and EnviraCem systems use the chemical and physical properties of special ingredients and Portland cement to their advantage. The innovative tailoring method used by Halliburton to make these reduced Portland systems gives them high performance, compressive strength, and ductility at a lower density than traditional systems, which makes them more reliable as a barrier. The Portland cement reduction helps customers lower their carbon footprints and improves the performance of cement sheaths in systems that were designed with cement.

Source: Halliburton

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