Google Collaborates With Saudi Arabia's SDAIA to Find AI Sustainability Solutions

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by KnowESG

Google has agreed to help Saudi Arabia implement artificial intelligence, sustainable solutions, and cutting-edge technologies.

The Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence has launched AI projects and initiatives for the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture in collaboration with global business.

According to Mansour bin Hilal Al-Mushaiti, Saudi Arabia's deputy minister of environment, water, and agriculture, the agreement encompasses three programmes and 11 initiatives.

Al-Mushaiti also announced the establishment of an AI-based Earth Observation and Sciences Programme to address climate change concerns and improve environmental protection in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

He said finding solutions would not be an easy task as food and water must be provided while the environment is preserved — the importance of balancing industrial growth and economic development with protecting the environment is equally crucial for the Kingdom’s future, led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“Artificial Intelligence will aid in accelerating multiple progresses and achieving sustainability goals aligned with Vision 2030,” Al-Mushaiti said.

AI is also predicted to contribute to the digitalisation of society, economy, and nation.

“It is necessary to implement disruptive solutions that will enable us to depart from the old legacy and implement state-of-the-art technologies and deploy artificial intelligence when, where, and how needed,” he added.

Source: Arab News

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