GomunoInaki Invests in Sustainable Development Using SmartFlower Solar Technology

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GomunoInaki, a Japanese global trading company with R&D specialising in supplying rubber and plastic goods to the automotive, housing, home appliances, office infrastructure, and medical industries, installed a Smartflower at their headquarters in Nagoya, Japan.

GomunoInaki chose the Smartflower, an aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and innovative solar product, as a symbol of their support for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, in the hopes that other businesses in Japan will recognise the need to implement sustainable energy solutions.

As a reputable business with more than a century of history and expertise, GomunoInaki values innovation and respects its community and environment in the highest esteem. 

Its business motto includes the phrase, "By respecting innovation and change, we face the challenges of tomorrow." The investment GomunoInaki has made in its first Smartflower demonstrates its determination to address the various environmental and sustainable difficulties our society faces and is a bold contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

Kimiyasu Kimura, Senior Director of GomunoInaki, said: 

"We are very happy to have the Smartflower installed at our site. This charming and appealing Smartflower will act as a symbol of our commitment toward energy conservation and the incorporation of reusable energy sources to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.”

Kaoru Usami, Representing Director of BWCP, said:

"It is our great pleasure to serve GomunoInaki with SmartFlower Solar, a very iconic symbol for SDGs. I am quite confident that the Smartflower at GomunoInaki will tell surrounding communities the great value of a zero-carbon society as well as self-sustainable renewable energy."

The Smartflower, manufactured and distributed by the Boston-based company SmartFlower Solar, is a state-of-the-art solar product that combines efficiency and aesthetic appeal into a sustainable product. Smartflower's dual-axis tracking mechanism is its primary source of brilliance. 

At sunrise, Smartflower opens its panels to the perfect 90-degree angle to the sun and follows the sun across the sky, generating up to 40 per cent more electricity than fixed solar panels. SmartFlower Solar has installed thousands of Smartflowers for clients such as Adidas, Nike, Siemens, Carlsberg, and Vodafone across the globe.

Jim Gordon, CEO of SmartFlower Solar, said: 

"We are honoured to add GomunoInaki to our global roster of blue-chip corporations. Their decision to install the Smartflower in front of their corporate headquarters is one of their visible commitments to sustainability and will also inspire and educate their customers, suppliers, and employees to incorporate sustainability initiatives in their operations and daily lives."

Source: Businesswire

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