Gogoro, Swiggy Forge EV Partnership in India

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KnowESG_Gogoro, Swiggy Forge EV Partnership in India
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Gogoro Inc., a prominent global frontrunner in pioneering battery-swapping ecosystems fostering eco-friendly mobility solutions tailored for urban landscapes, has announced a collaboration with Swiggy, India's prominent on-demand convenience delivery platform.

The partnership with Swiggy, a dominant force within the industry, stands as a pivotal stride in the pursuit of accelerating India's shift toward electric-powered hyperlocal fleets.

Gogoro's mission, in conjunction with India's national and municipal administrations, is resolute in propelling the electric evolution.

Horace Luke, the visionary Founder and CEO of Gogoro, emphasised the critical role of this alliance, stating, "Empowering the metamorphosis of India's urban fleets into an electric paradigm is of utmost importance to Gogoro. Our alliance with Swiggy, an eminent industry player, to facilitate access to Gogoro Smartscooters and revolutionary battery swapping technology is instrumental in orchestrating the successful transition to electric mobility." Luke further expounded, "Through our collective efforts, Swiggy and Gogoro are poised to forge a seamless avenue for riders to embrace sustainable electric transportation, thereby augmenting operational efficiency for their businesses."

Mihir Shah, the Head of Operations at Swiggy, echoed the sentiment of progress, asserting, "This strategic partnership with Gogoro marks a significant stride in our steadfast commitment to forging environmentally-conscious and economically-viable solutions for our delivery fleet."

Shah emphasised Swiggy's dedication to furnishing delivery partners with access to avant-garde innovations in sustainable transportation.

He highlighted the efficacy of Gogoro's battery-swapping technology, a paradigm shift in electric refuelling that has already demonstrated resounding success in mass-scale last-mile delivery operations.

Shah expressed optimism in the potential of this collaboration, affirming, "Gogoro's pioneering battery swapping technology ushers in a new era of electric refuelling, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating with them to revolutionise hyperlocal deliveries, rendering them more sustainable and efficient across India."

Having unveiled its aspiration to cover an impressive 8 lakh kilometres daily through EV deliveries in 2021, Swiggy has steadfastly championed sustainable transportation. The company's proactive stance has materialised through strategic affiliations with industry giants like Reliance BP Mobility Limited and Hero Lectro. These partnerships have ushered in significant cost savings for delivery partners, slashing vehicle running expenses by up to 40%, thus fostering a positive economic impact.

The quintessence of last-mile delivery fleets' requisites extends beyond the mere transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The Gogoro platform emerges as an avant-garde solution, showcasing a meticulously designed two-wheel battery swapping system that empowers delivery operators to orchestratively manage their fleets and deliveries. In doing so, it paves the way for heightened efficiency and sustainability in the realm of hyperlocal delivery operations.

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Source: Swiggy


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