Forest City's Sustainable Building for Greener Future

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Forest City, the ambitious coastal development venture undertaken by Country Garden in Johor, Malaysia, has set an inspiring example by pledging to adopt sustainable building practices across its entire expanse.

At the heart of this grand endeavour is a strong embrace of environmental management principles, setting a remarkable standard for urban planning and infrastructure development that nurtures the surrounding ecosystems while creating a vibrant and modern metropolis.

In Forest City, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is woven into the fabric of every new urban design and infrastructure decision. Energy-efficient features take centre stage in the construction of buildings, where innovative water recycling systems, renewable energy sources, and advanced water conservation techniques ensure responsible water usage and waste reduction.

Central to Forest City's eco-friendly approach is the implementation of a sophisticated water recycling system. Household sewage and wastewater are collected through an extensive pipeline network and meticulously processed through an artificial wetland system, followed by disinfection. The purified water is then stored in the reclaimed water pump station, ready for irrigation and replenishment of the various landscape water bodies.

In addition to treating household wastewater, Forest City captures and filters rainwater, which is later reused in rainwater pump rooms to nourish the vertical greenery. Any surplus rainwater is thoughtfully collected and stored within the water recycling system, strategically reserved for irrigating green plants during dry seasons.

Forest City's commitment to balancing urban development with nature conservation is unwavering. Through conscientious planning and execution, the project has gone to great lengths to preserve the surrounding mangroves and natural habitats, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between the city and the environment.

The environmentally conscious philosophy and practices of Forest City have garnered international recognition. Notably, the "Water Cycle System and Sponge City Concept Application" project earned the prestigious Asian Townscape Jury's Award.

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