Fluence adds 570 MW to SMC's 1,000 MW Battery Fleet

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Fluence, a provider of energy storage solutions and software, has finished delivering a 570 MW battery-based energy storage portfolio to SMC Global Power Holdings Corp. (SMCGP).

SMCGP held an inauguration ceremony in the Philippines for its 1,000 MW / 1,000 MWh battery-based energy storage fleet, during which Fluence announced the completion of its 570 MW portfolio.

The ceremony, presided over by SMCGP's Chairman, CEO, and President Ramon S. Ang, celebrated the significance of SMCGP's 1,000 MW / 1,000 MWh energy storage portfolio as the largest in Southeast Asia.

Spread across 32 locations in the Philippines, the portfolio aims to enhance grid stability amid the growing use of intermittent renewable energy sources.

As one of the leading power suppliers in the Philippines, SMCGP plays a crucial role in the country's power industry. As Fluence's biggest customer in the Philippines, SMCGP has been instrumental in supporting the country's efforts to achieve its climate goals, including generating 35 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030 and 50 per cent by 2040.

Fluence and SMCGP have collaborated to deploy 570 MW of energy storage across 18 sites, providing essential grid stability services such as frequency response, reserve power, and voltage regulation across the National Transmission Network in the Philippines. These energy storage systems signify a significant milestone in the Philippines' transition to a cleaner, more resilient, and flexible power grid.

According to Don H. Lee, GM Southeast Asia and East Asia and VP Service, APAC at Fluence, the inauguration of SMCGP's energy storage system fleet is a significant milestone for both SMCGP and Fluence in the ASEAN region. Fluence's collaboration with SMCGP began in 2018 when SMCGP began exploring energy storage and recognising its visionary potential for the Philippines.

The Masinloc energy storage project was the first project in the Philippines and one of the first grid-scale projects to enter Commercial Operations in Southeast Asia. Following that project, Fluence successfully passed grid compliance tests with the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) in several locations across the country. With over 15 years of team experience and proven technology, Fluence is thrilled to bring its reliable and safe products to the Philippines and enable the success of its customers and the country's energy transition.

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