Europe's Biggest High-Purity Manganese Plant by Wood

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Wood, a renowned global consulting and engineering company, has been honoured with a significant contract from Euro Manganese, underscoring its pivotal role in the energy transition.

This cost-reimbursable agreement aligns perfectly with Wood's strategic growth objectives in the end market.

Tasked with a cutting-edge mineral project crucial for Europe's sustainable future, Wood's Projects business unit will undertake the front end engineering and design (FEED) and EPCm solutions for the Chvaletice Manganese Project in the Czech Republic.

This ambitious venture involves reprocessing historical mine tailings, traditionally considered waste, to extract valuable manganese deposits from a decommissioned mine.

The European Commission has recognised the vital importance of manganese, listing it among critical minerals, especially due to its widespread usage in lithium-ion batteries. The Chvaletice site stands as the sole substantial source of manganese within the European Union. With the demand for manganese expected to surge nearly eightfold in the next decade, primarily driven by the exponential growth of electric vehicles, the need for sustainable mining solutions becomes increasingly imperative.

Ken Gilmartin, CEO at Wood, expressed the significance of the project for the company, emphasising their commitment to leading the development of critical mineral projects in support of the global energy transition. Armed with specialised expertise in advanced hydrometallurgy and mineral project capabilities, Wood is well-equipped to execute this groundbreaking endeavour, exemplifying its dedication to designing a sustainable future for energy and materials.

Dr. Matthew James, President & CEO of Euro Manganese, praised the meticulous selection process that led to awarding the EPCm contract to Wood. He expressed his satisfaction with partnering with such a high-calibre engineering firm and highlighted the joint effort in establishing a world-class facility for high-purity manganese production, a crucial component in lithium-ion batteries, and driving forward the global energy transition.

The comprehensive FEED and EPCm contract will span approximately four years, with Wood's Project teams in Perth, Australia, and Milan, Italy, working collaboratively to bring this ambitious vision to life.

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Source: Wood


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