DCI, Salim Group Open Solar-Powered Data Centre

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PT. DCI Indonesia Tbk. (DCII) and PT Datacenter Indonesia Sukses Makmur (DISM) have jointly announced the opening of their second data centre, H2-02, and office facilities at the H2 Data Center Campus in Karawang, near Jakarta.

This development signifies a significant milestone in the rapid expansion of the DCI Platform. DISM, a part of the esteemed Salim Group, serves as the DCI Platform's official partner.

Since November 2021, DCI has been operating the first data centre, H2-01, at the second campus, boasting a primary capacity of 15 MW IT load. With the addition of the new facilities, the H2 campus now hosts two data centres with a combined total capacity of 27 MW IT load, along with an office building to support customer activities and ensure business continuity.

Spanning over 86 hectares, the H2 campus has the potential to expand up to 600 MW and adheres to DCI's world-class standards, earning the trust of more than 150 global enterprises and cloud companies.

H2-02 is equipped with solar power facilities, making it the first solar-powered data centre in Indonesia. With a total electrical capacity of 30 MW, the solar power infrastructure covers a 30-hectare area within the H2 campus.

This environmentally conscious approach aligns with DCI's vision of establishing a sustainable future for the rapidly growing digital economy in the country. By powering the H2-02 data centre with solar energy, DCI takes the initial stride toward constructing green data centres in Indonesia.

DCI Platform excels in providing tailored, built-to-suit data centre services that cater to specific customer requirements. The H2 campus primarily aims to offer scalability and meet the computing needs of hyperscale companies, including global cloud providers. Moreover, it serves as an alternative hyperscale site to the H1 Data Center Campus situated in Cibitung, approximately 20 km away.

Toto Sugiri, CEO of DCI Indonesia, expressed his thoughts on this momentous achievement, stating, "The inauguration of the H2 campus is concrete proof of the strong partnership between DCI Indonesia and Salim Group as we strive to enhance Indonesia's digital economy infrastructure by constructing and developing cutting-edge data centres."

The H2 campus ensures connectivity through dedicated fibre paths to strategic locations such as the Cyber 1 building and all DCI Platform data centre sites, acting as cloud interconnect zones for global cloud providers.

Ricky Garyati, Director of PT Datacenter Indonesia Sukses Makmur (DISM), proudly stated, "We are delighted to inaugurate the H2 data centre campus, designed with a focus on equilibrium, prioritising technological advancements for world-class data centre services, providing a comfortable working environment, and supporting renewable energy sources to preserve the environment."

In collaboration with Salim Group, DCI Platform will continue its expansion across multiple locations in Indonesia to bolster the nation's journey toward data sovereignty. By the end of 2023, the DCI Platform is projected to operate with a capacity of 82 MW IT load.

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Source: DCI Indonesia


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