Dassault Falcon's Little Rock Facility Adds SAF

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The Little Rock completions facility of Dassault Aviation, located at Bill and Hillary Clinton International Airport (KLIT) in Arkansas, has integrated a consistent supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with a 30 per cent blend of refined SAF from Neste, provided by Avfuel.

This fuel will be used for all Falcon customer acceptance and departure flights from the facility.

As part of Dassault's SAF plan to minimise its aviation operations' carbon footprint, the Little Rock site is utilising this green fuel. This initiative includes using SAF blends for all flights operated by company-owned Falcons, whether for business, transport, or Falcon support.

According to Dassault, SAF, in its pure form, provides carbon emission reductions of 80 to 90 per cent compared to conventional jet-A. For the 30 per cent SAF blend dispensed at KLIT, this equals a reduction of 24 to 27 per cent in CO2 emissions. All Falcons are authorised to operate with up to 50 per cent SAF blends, while the upcoming Falcon 10X is predicted to be certified to run entirely on SAF by 2025.

Dassault stated that even though the business aviation sector is responsible for a small fraction, 0.04 per cent, of global CO2 emissions, it is at the forefront of the decarbonisation movement, striving for net-zero emissions by 2050. SAF is now the most encouraging solution to meet this objective.

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