Danfoss and Salling Group Announce Partnership to Cut Energy and Waste

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Danfoss and the Salling Group, Denmark's biggest retailer, will work with Microsoft to reduce food waste and energy use in retail refrigeration.

The programme is part of the Salling Group's promised DKK 2.4 billion (€ 323 million) investment to become a carbon-neutral company. The partnership between Danfoss and Microsoft is to develop digital services that track the temperature and energy use of supermarket refrigeration, enabling preventative maintenance to avoid food losses and energy waste.

The firms will collaborate to use energy-efficient refrigeration systems, tracking refrigeration performance with Danfoss' Alsense IoT platform.

As part of the partnership, Salling Group will test a new Alsense feature called Mean Kinetic Temperature, which is meant to make alarms more sensitive. If a freezer door is accidentally left open or a refrigerator's temperature is wrong, store managers will get a warning before the food goes bad. With these new alerts, store managers will know about a problem even sooner so that they can fix it before the food goes to waste.

Salling owns the Danish Ftex, Bilka, and Salling stores, as well as the Netto chain, which has stores in Denmark, Germany, Poland, and Sweden. It was one of the first companies to use CO2 refrigerants. Since the 1980s, it has worked with Danfoss to put green cooling technology in its stores. Danfoss has also been working with Microsoft since 2019 to combine its expertise with the Microsoft Cloud platform.

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Source: Cooling Post


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