Colorcon Introduces Nutracore for Tablets and Capsules

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Colorcon Inc. unveils Nutracore™, a revolutionary series of tablet and capsule materials that are formulated to be label-friendly, catering specifically to the technical and commercial requirements of nutraceutical and supplement manufacturers.

As the global market for nutritional products continues to grow and consumers gain greater access to information, the demand for ingredients that are label-friendly becomes increasingly crucial.

Finding natural and sustainable ingredients that are also easy to use in manufacturing can be a complex task for nutritional product makers. However, with Nutracore™, achieving excellent product performance while creating label-friendly products that consumers will love has never been simpler.

According to Kurt Fegely, Vice President of Excipient Technologies, "We understand that manufacturers are seeking more efficient and consistent manufacturing performance for natural products that also meet the growing consumer demands for sustainability and clean label. Unlike traditional ingredients, Nutracore™, Label Friendly Excipients are derived from natural materials and specifically designed for ease of use in manufacturing, allowing producers to meet label-friendly consumer demands for nutritional and dietary supplements without compromising on performance."

Dr. Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi, VP and Chief Innovation Officer at Colorcon, states, "Nutracore materials are a game-changer for supplement manufacturers, offering unique flow, compressibility, and lubricity properties that make even the most challenging ingredients easy to formulate into tablets and capsules."

He further explains that Nutracore excipients were developed through the comprehensive market and scientific research, resulting in distinctive label-friendly excipients that prioritise functionality, ease of application, and cost effectiveness.

This recent launch showcases Colorcon's ongoing leadership in introducing speciality excipients and film coating systems to the market, offering improved convenience in terms of speed, efficiency, cost savings, and reliable performance.

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