BASF & Solar Earth Join for Paving-Integrated Photovoltaic

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Picture of BASF and Solar Earth announcing a collaboration on the co-development of paving-integrated photovoltaic.

Solar Earth Technologies Ltd. (Solar Earth) and BASF have collaborated on the development of Paving Integrated Photovoltaic (PIPV) panels that can be installed on new or existing roads and other surfaces.

BASF developed and optimised a polyurethane (PU) for Solar Earth's PIPV panels to deliver higher abrasion resistance, superior mechanical performance, and a longer product lifespan.

Douglas Matthews, CEO of Solar Earth, said: 

"Our paving integrated photovoltaic panels are helping turn traditional infrastructure into a renewable energy source. With the optimised PU solution we co-created with BASF, our panels can survive heavy weather, resist theft and vandalism as well as support the weight of a truck without damage to economically deliver more of the clean energy we need from infrastructure."

The collaboration is part of BASF and Solar Earth's continuous cooperation to develop innovative energy-efficient technologies that will enhance the next wave of solar power applications.

Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, said: 

"BASF’s co-creations demonstrate how it empowers the future with strategic partner collaborations, enabled by its broad portfolio of innovative material solutions and competencies. With our material and technical expertise, we collaborate to develop solutions that address market needs and accelerate innovations to market."

PIPV panels protect land while generating clean, renewable energy for grid power or applications such as electric vehicles, lighting, and deicing.

Source: BASF

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