AspenTech Introduces Emissions Management Solution

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Aspen Technology, a global industrial software leader, unveiled a new emissions management solution that empowers asset-intensive organisations to identify and tackle operational areas that significantly affect their emission reduction initiatives.

AspenTech's latest solution includes AspenTech Operational Insights™, an established decision support tool that brings together, connects, evaluates, and presents information from different parts of an organisation. This allows for quick and confident decision-making on the crucial issues that impact emissions.

AspenTech's latest emissions management solution integrates customer data and utilises operational technology (OT) applications in the plant, enterprise, and the entire value chain into one dynamic visual interface. This enables customers to make informed decisions using a unified view of carbon emissions, margin, and abatement. Moreover, the real-time nature of the solution eliminates the need to wait for time-sensitive data review.

“AspenTech’s emissions management solution addresses the need customers are focused on – the ability to better understand their carbon emissions exposure and to make that actionable for carbon abatement,” said Peter Reynolds, Senior Industry Analyst at ARC Advisory Group. “This decision support capability, along with AspenTech’s digital twin and planning solutions, hits the mark for customers using digital solutions to progress sustainability goals.”

“Customers need more than greenhouse gas emissions reporting. They need a solution that can steer their actions to meet and exceed carbon mitigation targets,” said Rasha Hasaneen, Chief Products and Sustainability Officer at AspenTech. “AspenTech’s existing solutions are uniquely capable of providing the breadth and depth of information required by executives and operators, and AspenTech Operational Insights gives them an additive solution to strategically help them achieve their net zero targets.”

AspenTech Operational Insights was first created by the company's OSI business for electrical utilities and later customised for use in the energy and chemical sectors. This tool offers customers:

  • Configurable and uniform interfaces and displays that can be viewed on video walls, consoles, and mobile devices.

  • Consistent key performance indicators (KPIs), logical maps, and advanced geographic displays.

  • Visibility throughout the entire value chain.

AspenTech's newest emissions management solution is now available as part of the latest version of the aspenONE® software, V14. For further details, please visit the Emissions Management section.

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