Altris, Clarios Team Up for Green Batteries

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KnowESG_Altris, Clarios Team Up for Green Batteries
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Clarios, a global leader in advanced low-voltage battery solutions, and Altris, a pioneer in sustainable sodium-ion battery technology, have joined forces to create an innovative partnership focusing on developing low-voltage sodium-ion batteries for the automotive industry.

In the car world, every vehicle, including electric ones, needs a low-voltage power source for important functions. As electric cars become more advanced, there is a growing need for low-voltage systems that support software-based features like autonomous driving and improved in-car experiences.

Car manufacturers are adapting by exploring different types of batteries, such as lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, for their iconic vehicles around the world.

Clarios is a company that does not stick to a specific battery type and is well-positioned to embrace the circular economy concept. They recognise the value of traditional lead-acid batteries and the changing landscape of lithium-based products.

In this context, they are working on sodium-ion (Na-ion) batteries, which are eco-friendly and easy to recycle. The collaboration aims to develop a Na-ion battery that can provide up to 60 volts, supporting various automotive applications in both new cars and replacements. This solution can easily fit into a multi-battery system in cars.

Federico Morales Zimmermann from Clarios highlighted their experience in low-voltage car systems, especially in defining and optimising specifications for sodium-ion cells.

Altris, a leader in sodium-ion technology, will contribute by tailoring Na-ion cells to meet the specific needs of low-voltage car batteries.

Björn Mårlid, CEO of Altris, said working with Clarios to create low-voltage cells for cars. The partnership aims to impact a significant portion of global vehicles, contributing to a more environmentally friendly transition.

The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to establish a production plan for low-voltage battery systems using Na-ion cells. The companies believe that mass-producing Na-ion batteries will be a big step forward in car battery technology, aligning with the automotive industry's goals for sustainability.

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Source: Altris


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