Xylem, Partners Volunteer 157K Hrs for Water Solutions

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Xylem Inc.

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The world's leading water technology company, Xylem, said that in 2022, 87% of its employees volunteered their time, working with volunteers from the company's clients and partners around the world.

During the year, employee volunteers dedicated 157,000 hours, a 39% increase from the previous year. In 2022, more than 15,600 employees participated in Xylem's corporate social responsibility programme, Xylem Watermark.

The programme supported a range of initiatives, including educating the next generation about the most pressing water challenges, increasing access to safe water and sanitation, and assisting communities in crisis.

“Xylem Watermark is fundamental to our mission to solve the world’s biggest water challenges,” said Austin Alexander, Vice President of Sustainability and Social Impact at Xylem. “Our employees and partners showed remarkable commitment to solving short- and long-term water challenges in 2022, with 160 offices having 100% employee participation. We are proud of our teams and partners, who have already begun 2023 by volunteering in response to community needs, everywhere, including support for relief efforts and provision of fresh water to earthquake-affected regions of Turkey.”

“In 2022, our partnership with Xylem delivered clean water and sanitation to more than 2 million people affected by poverty or disaster,” said Rose Hogan, Interim Technical Unit Vice President at Americares. “Through the continued commitment of the Xylem team, we’ve provided water, sanitation, and hygiene education in India and Bangladesh, including infrastructure improvements and critical repairs in 27 health centres and six schools. We are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved together in 2022.”

Xylem's 2025 Sustainability Goals are also advanced through the volunteer efforts of its employees. These goals aim to give at least 20 million people access to clean water and sanitation, teach 15 million people about water and sanitation hygiene, and give 1% of profits and employee time to water-related education and causes.

In 2022, Xylem Watermark carried out various projects, including:

  • Raising funds and collecting supplies to aid relief efforts in Ukraine, as well as hosting refugee families and providing emergency water treatment systems to serve 128,000 people.

  • Deploying emergency water treatment systems in Ukraine, South Africa, Pakistan, and the Philippines through Xylem's Humanitarian Disaster Response Team.

  • Conducting the global "Take Steps to Solve Water" campaign featuring Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, to increase awareness of water scarcity and reduce water pollution.

  • Collaborating with non-governmental organizations such as Americares, Engineers Without Borders, and Planet Water Foundation to extend access to safe water and sanitation to schools, hospitals, and communities, benefiting 2.4 million people.

  • Continuing to inspire future water leaders through Xylem Ignite, which included over 1,200 students participating in the second annual Global Student Innovation Challenge and the Re-New Our World Challenge in the Middle East.

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