Stink Announces Appointment of Lorraine Sebata as Director of Impact

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Stink (Stink Films and Stink Studios UK) announced that Lorraine Sebata would take on the newly formed role of Director of Impact across the UK.

Sebata will be evaluating the internal and external impact of Stink's activities and programmes, as she is in charge of implementing and administering the organisation's social environment and governance (ESG) strategy. 

The new Director of Impact will collaborate closely with London's Head of HR, Louise Pendlebury, who is dedicated to improving the employee experience and advancing people-centric solutions. Head and Sebata will work together to organise and develop the company's larger social environment, address employee experience, and give more varied and dynamic types of support to Stink's people.

Sebata's position at Stink will be her first in the advertising industry, and she will bring with her a wealth of experience from previous roles in retail, healthcare, and charity, as well as an in-depth understanding of corporate social responsibility and compliance, which will be a key feature of her role at Stink.

Sebata has vast expertise in leading Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. She oversaw the Place2Be national charity's 2018 Diversity and Inclusion programme, which identified business concerns and developed strategies to address them as Senior HR Advisor and Diversity & Inclusion Lead. Following the programme, the charity experienced an increase in BAME employee representation from 5% to 20%.

Lorraine Sebata, Director of Impact, Stink: 

“I am excited to be spearheading this chapter at Stink at a time where EDI and climate change efforts are key to performance as well as the bottom line globally. This welcome challenge will draw on my experiences as well as allow me to collaborate with and gain knowledge from industry experts.” Lorraine added, “Six months on from COP26, where climate change responsibilities were highlighted at both individual and company level, the role will work with senior management to drive Stink’s pledge and efforts on carbon reduction and offsetting towards net zero.”

Andrew Levene, Managing Director, Stink Films and Jax Ostle-Evans, Managing Director, Stink Studios: 

“Years of industry in-action means we must act fast, and the fastest way to effect positive change is to prioritise it. Lorraine’s dedication to facilitating change and her wealth of experience gives us full confidence that we can achieve all of our goals. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude make her a joy to work with, and we’re delighted to have her onboard.”

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