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Crowe Poland, a professional services provider, and Envirly, a sustainability management platform company, have joined forces to offer businesses a one-stop shop for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) solutions.

This strategic partnership leverages Crowe's expertise with Envirly's innovative technology to deliver comprehensive ESG support to clients.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Sustainable Practices

This collaboration addresses the rising market demand for effective ESG management. By combining their strengths, Crowe and Envirly empower companies to achieve their ESG goals and build responsible businesses.

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Access to Advanced Tools and Expert Guidance

The partnership provides access to both Crowe's strategic advisory services and Envirly's cutting-edge technology. Envirly's platform automates tasks like carbon footprint calculations and non-financial report generation, streamlining the process for companies.

A Holistic Approach to ESG

"Our clients need support both in terms of creating an ESG strategy and preparing for non-financial reports, as well as tools which facilitate the implementation of such activities and their ongoing implementation," says Izabela Kuśmierz-Latała, CEO of Crowe Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. "The platform created by Envirly is one of the best tools of its kind in Europe. It perfectly complements our offer by facilitating and automating data collection and report generation."

Crowe and Envirly's comprehensive offering covers every stage of ESG implementation:

  • Auditing current sustainability practices

  • Double materiality analysis

  • Developing and implementing ESG strategies

  • Preparing documentation

  • Collecting data for reporting

  • Calculating carbon footprint

  • Generating non-financial reports

  • Providing company training

Envirly's platform plays a key role by measuring and analysing carbon footprint and generating comprehensive ESG reports. This automation allows companies to assess their environmental impact and pursue decarbonisation efforts.

Integrated Solutions for Sustainable Success

"At present, the companies that are focused on sustainable development are turning to integrated solutions, which on the one hand enable data management, process monitoring and reporting in one place, and on the other ensure optimisation of ESG activities and their compliance with regulations. Our partnership with Crowe has allowed us to complement our Envirly offer and provide companies with assistance in all aspects of sustainability," says Mateusz Masiak, CEO of Envirly.

ESG Reporting: A Coming Obligation

The EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is gradually introducing mandatory ESG reporting for Polish businesses. Public interest entities will be required to prepare reports starting in 2025, with the obligation extending to smaller companies in the following years.

Proactive Approach to Sustainability

"Companies should start thinking about ESG now, even if they are not yet subject to non-financial reporting obligations," advises Milena Kowalik-Szeruga, ESG Manager at Crowe Poland. "Ignoring sustainability issues can be very risky and result in, for example, loss of opportunities to work with key business partners, restrictions on access to capital or a negative impact on image. Introducing an ESG strategy is not only a response to current regulations but also a step towards building a sustainable competitive advantage and the long-term success of the company."

Preparing for Attested Reports

The new reporting standards present a challenge for businesses. Also, reports will be subject to attestation, meaning external bodies will verify them according to the Act on Statutory Auditors.

Concrete Data for Sustainable Decisions

"Reporting on sustainability is not a colourful presentation, but hundreds of concrete data to reported on the environment, society and governance," explains Veronika Czaplewska, Vice Chairperson of ESG at Envirly. "This applies not only to the organisation itself but also to the entire value chain - to act at the last minute is inadvisable."

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