Cranfield University Receives £3 Million to Support Sustainability Research

Published on: 20 October 2022
by KnowESG

Cranfield University will get a £3 million donation that will be spread out over the next three academic years. The fund will help train the next generation of leaders committed to making the world more sustainable and fund research and business projects that aim to fight climate change and achieve net zero emissions.

Green Future Investments Ltd. (GFIL), a group set up to carry on the environmental work and legacy of entrepreneur and former IBM engineer Brian Meredith, gave the money.

The focus of GFIL is on organisations or projects that are innovative and use technology to try to solve problems caused by climate change. As part of a multifaceted programme with Cranfield University, several donations will help students, faculty, alumni, and research projects that are focused on sustainability and green initiatives.

Cranfield University’s Professor Chris Fogwill, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the School of Water, Energy and Environment, said:

“This investment will unlock huge opportunities for so many. It is a significant step in our ambitions to create solutions that will help us create a more sustainable world through innovation.”

Source: Cranfield University

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