AICPA & CIMA Rolls Out ESG Fundamentals Certificate

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by KnowESG

The AICPA and CIMA are offering a new certificate that gives a basic understanding of key issues related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting and assurance.

The growing need for ESG data from investors, lenders, customers, and, increasingly, governments makes this a high-priority sector for accounting skill development.

The Fundamentals of ESG Certificate is offered all over the world and is good for CPAs, management accountants like CGMAs, and finance professionals who want to learn the basics of ESG. The 9-hour course gives an overview of the most important ideas and recent changes in the ESG field. Upon completion, certificate holders can display a digital badge on their online profiles.

Susan S. Coffey, CPA, CGMA, AICPA, and CIMA’s CEO of public accounting, said:

"When we talk about preparing the accounting profession for tomorrow, ESG is a core component. Business reporting and the ideas behind it, like enterprise value, are changing quickly, and accountants are the most important people for making sure that the process is honest and trustworthy. Our obligation as a profession is to make sure we develop the necessary skills and expertise to lead the integration of ESG into the organisation and deliver high-quality reporting and assurance of ESG information.”

Source: AICPA

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