Validere Acquires Regulatory Reporting Platform Clairifi

Published on: 11 May 2022
by KnowESG
Validere APRIL 5 98 (2)

Validere now counts among its most powerful assets the regulatory platform Clairifi, a powerful entry as an ESG conscious company.

Validere is a leading platform in the energy field that offers an integration of ESG data and insights to create a holistic picture that will help the decision-making process and the creation of prediction models for future scenarios.

After realising how time-consuming and resource-demanding reporting duties and compliance are, this all-in-one commodity management platform for the energy industry recognised the importance of joining forces with the regulatory reporting platform Clairifi.

The constantly changing ESG policies and the issues of data disorganisation have made this decision easier for the company where reporting requirements had to be constantly updated.

Clairifi offers an easier way to apply regulatory requirements to the different companies while allowing them to focus on opportunities to work on carbon offset credit projects. The platform also encourages resource optimisation and operational cost reduction while maximising tax savings.

This partnership benefits both companies by joining forces to offer ESG-conscious solutions that drive sustainability and efficiency to the even-more-conscious clients of Validere.

"Customers have access to a “proven technology to simplify regulatory compliance and fully leverage environmental commodities, utilising comprehensive data sets to satisfy multiple regulatory requirements,” says Nouman Ahmad, Co-Founder and CEO of Validere.

This integration will also allow Validere to enhance its predictive capabilities and forecasting precision. Thanks to this acquisition, Validere will become a go-to centralised platform that will help many businesses comply with SEC regulations by offering accurate and performant tools to help enhance their emission strategies.

Source: Businesswire