Trust Exchange and EpiCentric Consulting Form ESG Partnership

Published on: 19 November 2022
by KnowESG
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The compliance platform Trust Exchange and its partner EpiCentric Consulting have launched a new product that will offer a solution for ESG compliance.

EcoCertify is a cloud-based platform that helps a business connect its suppliers and its entire supply chain network. It provides businesses with a lot of transparency and the ability to make clear, real-time communications about ESG requirements and capabilities throughout their ecosystem.

It can be changed to fit almost any workflow and make tracking, monitoring, and reporting in real time easier.

Edward Sullivan, CEO of Trust Exchange, said:

"ESG compliance is rapidly becoming a critical component of every company’s DNA. These emerging guidelines are complex and require multiple touchpoints inside and outside of organisations. The only way to solve this problem effectively is via collaboration. This partnership between EpiCentric and TrustExchange will enable companies to have the best-in-breed knowledge embedded into a collaborative platform.”

Hain MacKay-Cruise, CEO of EcoCertify, said:

"The challenges facing companies in ESG compliance are growing by the week, and it’s a cause for concern inside the C-Suite of any company with a supply chain. The ability to take an ESG strategy and operationalise it takes resources, time and often extensive funding. EcoCertify brings to the table a well-planned strategy supported by date and customisable dashboards. Our partnership with Trust Exchange allows for the use of a best-in-class platform configured to support the needs and rigour of sustainability reporting.”

Source: Trust Exchange

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