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Tacton, the top partner for manufacturers in Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions, has launched its latest groundbreaking invention: Environmental Footprint Configuration.

This cutting-edge addition to Tacton CPQ is poised to revolutionise the manufacturing industry by empowering businesses and customers alike to make informed decisions that align with their sustainability objectives.

As global companies increasingly focus on carbon footprint goals and regulations, Tacton recognises that manufacturers risk losing revenue if they cannot provide essential Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data as part of their quotes.

Interviews with customers have revealed that without ESG data, revenue could potentially decrease by up to 5%, while including this crucial information could lead to a substantial 25% increase in revenue.

Tacton's Environmental Footprint Configuration arrives at a crucial moment, offering manufacturers the capability to understand the environmental impact of their configured products. This empowers them not only to report the environmental impact to regulatory bodies but also to provide prospective customers with readily available carbon emissions data for their customised products.

The Environmental Footprint Configuration allows for the generation of product-specific environmental impact data through integration with life cycle assessment (LCA) software for each individual product configuration.

Traditionally, leveraging LCA information required extensive manual work from experts and took several days for just one configuration. With the new automated integration into LCA software, this process becomes significantly faster, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Tacton seamlessly integrates with various LCA data sources, with the first integration being with PRe’ Sustainability and their software SimaPro, a trusted data source used by research institutions and companies across 80 countries for over 30 years.

By utilising LCA data and Environmental Footprint Configuration, Tacton CPQ equips manufacturers with comprehensive emissions data, encompassing Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. This empowers businesses to quantify and optimise the environmental impact of their products throughout the entire product lifecycle.

From material selection and energy consumption during use to transportation and end-of-life disposal, manufacturers can now make environmentally conscious decisions through the power of configuration.

The introduction of Environmental Footprint Configuration marks a pivotal moment in the industrial space, where Tacton revolutionises sustainable product offerings.

Bo Gyldenvang, Chief Executive Officer at Tacton, emphasises that emission data transparency will drive innovation and inspire manufacturers to develop more sustainable products. With this powerful tool, manufacturers can easily optimise environmentally sound product configurations online, providing their customers with differentiated and sustainable solutions.

Starting in August 2023, Environmental Footprint Configuration will be available for purchase as an option in Tacton CPQ. To further support manufacturers in understanding environmental regulations and the potential business benefits of offering sustainable products, Tacton will be offering readiness workshops starting in Q3 2023. This initiative aims to educate and equip manufacturers to embrace sustainability and seize the opportunities it presents in the market.

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