Switzerland Seeks Speedy Solar Expansion to Increase Wintertime Electricity Supply

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by KnowESG

To avoid power supply bottlenecks during the winter, Switzerland is preparing to implement measures to promote the rollout of solar energy, including a solar rooftop requirement for new buildings.

The Federal Council of States' Energy Commission has resolved to establish the legal framework for rapidly growing photovoltaic (PV) capacity across the country to ensure that the additional capacity required to meet demand during the winter months comes from renewable energy.

To make solar capacity deployment easier, the Commission plans legal reforms to allow for the speedy adoption of ground-mounted solar projects, particularly in the Alpine region.

The rule will apply to solar systems with an annual output of more than 20 GWh and will exempt such projects from planning and environmental impact assessments. The state will also provide investment subsidies for some projects.

The Commission also decided that all new buildings must have a solar system on their roofs by January 1, 2024. Building permits submitted before this date will be exempt from the requirement.

Furthermore, all suitable sites on federal infrastructure systems should be used for solar energy power generation.

The proposals will be discussed by the Council of States during its autumn session in 2022. The Commission wants these provisions to become law as soon as possible.

Source: Renewables Now

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