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Sweep, the top carbon and ESG management platform, has announced the release of Sweep for Compliance. This innovative solution ensures reliable, transparent, and audit-ready reporting in accordance with the European Union's new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

By 2025, an estimated 50,000 businesses in the European Union, along with 10,000 EU-based foreign companies, will fall within the CSRD's scope. Compliance with these regulations is crucial, as failure to do so can result in financial sanctions, legal penalties, and accusations of greenwashing.

Additionally, sustainability disclosure requirements are increasing globally, requiring companies and financial institutions to track and communicate new sets of data.

The task of measuring ESG and carbon data is complex and time-consuming without the proper technology. According to Workiva, 65% of French business leaders feel unprepared to meet ESG objectives and regulatory requirements.

Sweep for Compliance addresses this challenge by providing businesses with advanced data analytics and reporting capabilities to meet ESG, carbon, and regulatory disclosure requirements.

Rachel Delacour, CEO and Co-founder of Sweep, emphasises the importance of monitoring extra financial data as European sustainability regulations become more stringent. Sweep for Compliance empowers CFOs, CSOs, and auditors with advanced tools to measure carbon and ESG data and ensure compliance with upcoming legislation.

The platform streamlines the disclosure process, from data gathering and quality checks to traceability, monitoring, and generating comprehensive reports. By saving up to 50% of the time in the auditing process, Sweep for Compliance enables consistent, verified, and compliant ESG and carbon data reporting with just one click. It stands as the only solution available that helps companies prepare for and adhere to disclosure requirements.

Jérémie Joos, Co-Head of ESG Center of Excellence at KPMG France, highlights the pressure companies face to accurately communicate their impact due to the growing number of sustainability regulations and stakeholder demands for transparency. Working with tech partners like Sweep allows organisations to streamline the collection, monitoring, and reporting of their non-financial data on a single platform.

Sweep has established itself as a trusted data partner for prominent companies such as Royal Canin and Withings. Following the launch of Sweep for Supply Chain in February 2023, the company remains committed to providing organisations with the best solutions to enhance their ESG and carbon impact while avoiding non-compliance damages. This approach positions them to lead and thrive in the future low-carbon economy.

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