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The Sustainable Terms of Trade Initiative (STTI) anticipates ongoing cooperation to enhance the procurement practices section in the Higg BRM, aligning it more closely with the Common Framework to accurately reflect business operations.

STTI has applauded the updated Higg Brand Retail Module (BRM) by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), used by 300+ global brands/retailers, which now includes modifications to questions about purchasing practices. STTI, Fair Wear, and the CFRPP Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives Working Group gave input and feedback to the assessment.

While STTI appreciates the updated Higg BRM as a "first step", they emphasise the need for further improvements to the purchasing practice questions to reflect their importance in promoting positive environmental and social changes in the apparel supply chain. STTI suggests an increased focus on purchasing practices within the BRM questions.

Miran Ali, STTI spokesperson, comments: “STTI is glad that the SAC has been receptive to its recommendations and we can now see the garment manufacturers’ definition of good purchasing practices clearly reflected in the BRM. The resulting revised purchasing practices set of questions within the Higg Brand & Retail assessment is definitely a step in the right direction in the quest for the necessary improvement of purchasing practices. These are important achievements for STTI and the Common Framework, both individually and as a collaborative effort.

“Most important are, of course, the actual purchasing practices. The Better Buying Commercial Compliance TrackerTM shows that long payment terms, prices not reflecting steeply rising input prices and the lack of forecast information reflect areas of least commercial compliance. In the end, STTI will judge the success of the new BRM purchasing practices questions by the actual improvement of the commercial compliance of its users.”

Maravillas Rodriguez Zarco, Director, Higg Brand & Retail, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, said: “We are excited to launch the latest version of our Higg Brand and Retail Module, which is a major milestone for the SAC and are grateful for the opportunity to engage with STTI and the Common Framework and their contribution and feedback on the responsible purchasing practices section of the Higg Brand and Retail Module.

"As we continue to iterate the BRM to address the needs and expectations of our members and industry at large, we look forward to future opportunities to deepen our collaboration as we continue to support brands and retailers on their sustainability journeys to drive positive impact at scale.”

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