Sabre Corp. Elevates ESG Focus: 2 Vital Hires

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Sabre Corporation has taken a significant step towards enhancing its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) efforts.

The company has expanded its ESG team by welcoming Jessica Matthias as the new Global Director of Sustainability and Tess Longfield as the Head of Sustainability Communications.

This strategic move reflects Sabre's dedication to making a positive impact in the realm of sustainable travel. Both Matthias and Longfield will be reporting to Kristin Hays, the Chief Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at Sabre.

In her role, Jessica Matthias will play a pivotal role in the growth of Sabre's sustainability initiatives. With a focus on sustainable travel, Matthias aims to solidify Sabre's commitment to being a frontrunner in promoting eco-friendly and responsible travel practices. On the other hand, Tess Longfield will leverage her expertise to bolster Sabre's image as an organisation driven by purpose, particularly among key stakeholders.

The newly formed ESG team at Sabre is wasting no time getting started. Their immediate objectives involve establishing impactful sustainability goals and releasing the company's inaugural sustainability report.

The team's establishment is viewed as a means to not only set science-backed climate objectives but also to cultivate innovative ideas on how Sabre can contribute to addressing global challenges. Matthias emphasises that while purpose is already a central aspect of the brand, this initiative seeks to push boundaries and harness innovation in the ESG arena. She envisions using Sabre's technological prowess to empower individuals worldwide to make sustainable choices when it comes to travel.

Longfield, too, recognises Sabre's unique position as a trailblazer within the travel industry. She views the formation of the ESG team as an opportunity to effect substantial change towards more sustainable travel practices. Drawing from her experience as Chief Marketing Officer at Travalyst, a prominent sustainable travel non-profit, Longfield is excited to apply her knowledge in advancing the ongoing efforts of Sabre.

Jessica Matthias brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having spent nine years at Sabre in various leadership capacities. Previously serving as the Global Director of Communications, she has effectively engaged millions of stakeholders worldwide through thought-provoking PR and advocacy campaigns.

Her background extends to collaborating with numerous travel and technology companies, including the United Nations International Telecoms Union, BBOXX, the Vienna Tourist Board, and Tribal Group, where she contributed to communications, responsible development, and sustainability goals.

Tess Longfield, in her former role as Chief Marketing Officer at Travalyst, contributed significantly to the organisation's branding, marketing, and communications strategies. Her career spanning two decades includes sustainability consulting roles with USAID, capacity-building work with the Jordan Tourism Board, and directorial roles in PR & Influence at Ogilvy in Jordan, where she provided strategic guidance on communications and sustainability strategies to hospitality and travel companies.

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Source: Sabre Corp.


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