Ropes & Gray Introduces Navigating State Regulation of ESG Investments

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Ropes & Grey releases Navigating State Regulation of ESG Investments, an interactive website with tools for keeping up with the rapidly changing legal and regulatory landscape about what role, if any, ESG factors should play in managing public retirement plan assets and other related developments.

Highlights of the site include:

  • Colour-Coded Map and Summaries of State Initiatives – A colour-coded 50-state map and charts to provide summary views and additional, detailed information in real time of the latest governmental actions promoting or restricting the integration of ESG investments in certain industries, including the boycotting of fossil fuels, firearms, and ammunition companies.

  • Overviews of Other Initiatives – Information on other ESG-related regulations and initiatives, such as the Department of Labor’s ESG rule, which is expected to be finalised before the end of 2022, as well as model policies from the American Legislative Exchange Council.

  • Ropes & Gray Thought Leadership – Links to articles, alerts, podcasts and other thought leadership addressing these topics, including a recent podcast (ESG and the State Coffers: An Emerging Political Battleground) that provides an informative and easily digestible overview for those who are new to this space and want to quickly get up to speed.

Source: Ropes & Gray

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