NSW Climate Action: Bill Passes with Unity

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The groundbreaking Climate Change (Net Zero Future) Bill from the Minns Labor government has successfully traversed both chambers of parliament with bipartisan backing, marking a significant stride toward ensuring a sustainable future for the people, economy, and environment of New South Wales (NSW).

Enshrining ambitious emissions reduction targets, the Bill also establishes a robust and independent Net Zero Commission tasked with steering not only the current administration but also future governments towards achieving Net Zero by 2050.

The visible impacts of climate change, exemplified by increasingly severe weather events, pose threats to health, the environment, and the economy. This legislation becomes imperative for NSW to play its role in mitigating harm while concurrently fostering resilience and seizing opportunities presented by emerging technologies and industries.

Key provisions of the Climate Change (Net Zero Future) Act include:

  • Mandating a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, relative to 2005 levels.

  • Requiring a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2035, compared to 2005 levels.

  • Setting a Net Zero emissions target for NSW by 2050.

  • Establishment of an autonomous Net Zero Commission for monitoring, reviewing, reporting, and advising on progress towards these targets.

  • Defining guiding principles to address climate change.

  • Commitment to enhancing NSW's resilience to climate change.

This legislation serves as a foundational framework driving comprehensive government action. Building on the momentum that has already led to an 18% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels, the Act moves beyond mere aspirations, embedding these targets into law.

Notably, the Act allows for the periodic adjustment of targets in alignment with community expectations, underscoring the commitment of the Premier and Minister for Climate Change to meet the net-zero objective. This not only demonstrates the government's dedication to decisive action on climate change but also provides businesses and industries with the certainty required for energy investments, fostering job creation and supporting the growth of Australian manufacturing in the energy sector.

Having passed both parliamentary houses, the Climate Change (Net Zero Future) Bill is poised for endorsement into law by the NSW Governor, signifying a momentous step towards a sustainable and resilient future.

Minister for Climate Change, Energy, and the Environment Penny Sharpe expressed her satisfaction with the multi-party support, highlighting the legislation's role in steering NSW towards cleaner, more affordable energy while showcasing the government's ability to build consensus and deliver on key promises despite being a minority government.

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