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Nataly Dubbelman has assumed the role of Sustainability Manager for the group, overseeing the implementation of ESG policies at Nordica and Xfly.

With a background rooted in the green-tech startup realm, Dubbelman honed her extensive expertise during her tenure at Single.Earth, a startup, and has amassed an impressive portfolio as a team lead within the tourism sector. Her diverse experience equips her to effectively drive the strategic operations of the airline.

"We are thrilled to welcome Nataly Dubbelman as the Sustainability Manager for Nordica and Xfly. Leveraging her proven acumen, Nataly's leadership will amplify our dedication to sustainability and our mission to foster a more environmentally conscious aviation industry. We aim to prioritise responsible growth and implement environmentally-friendly strategies in our airline's strategic planning," remarked Remco Athuis, the group's CEO.

Airi Kaunissaare, Head of Marketing Communications, expressed her satisfaction with Dubbelman's decision to bring her talents to the company, emphasising how her contributions will further bolster the sustainable expansion of Xfly and Nordica.

Ms. Dubbelman shared her enthusiasm for joining the team, highlighting the numerous measures and initiatives already undertaken by the Nordic Aviation Group to address sustainability concerns. She is eager to collaborate with the group's aviation professionals to infuse sustainability principles across all aspects of the organisation's strategy and operations.

"Sustainability is a central theme in today's aviation landscape, encompassing cleaner fuels, advanced technology, modern aircraft, and optimised flight paths. I firmly believe that sustainability should be integral to business practices, with employees serving as vital agents in propelling sustainability within an organisation," Ms. Dubbelman emphasised.

She underlined the importance of people in the sustainability equation for any organisation, emphasising that sustainability extends beyond airlines to all types of companies. The evolution from reactive and communication-centred approaches to proactive, holistic methodologies aimed at generating sustainable value and positive societal impact is becoming increasingly prevalent.

"The aviation industry is witnessing advancements in aircraft design, sustainable fuel production, automation, and digitalisation. Airports are embracing renewable energy sources, implementing waste management strategies, and exploring eco-friendly ground transportation options, thereby enhancing aviation's sustainability," she explained. "Sustainability, in essence, is a catalyst for innovation."

Committed to adhering to aviation regulations and ESG-related policies, Nordica and Xfly prioritise sustainable growth and development while safeguarding the well-being of their employees and implementing environmentally responsible business processes. As a conscientious and sustainability-focused airline, the group extends its efforts to assist B2B customers in adopting sustainable practices.

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Source: Nordic Aviation Group


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