Nature England and Environment Agency Initiate Legal Action Against Landowner for Causing Damage to River Lugg

Published on: 10 March 2022 10:30 AM
by KnowESG

A Brief Summary

Natural England and the Environment Agency have launched legal action against a landowner who caused damages to the river Lugg in Herefordshire. Natural England has the responsibility to protect SSSI areas. Meanwhile,the Environment Agency focuses on flood management, fish and spawning etc.

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Natural England and Environment Agency have jointly ordered an inquiry into ecological harm to the protected 1.5 kilometre stretch of the River Lugg. The investigation followed reports of illegal activities such as dredging and changing the shape of the riverbank in Kingsland in Herefordshire in December 2020 increased rapidly. 

The following are the charges levelled against the landowner:

  • Carrying out activities within 8 metres of the river leading to endangering the stability of the river

  • Destroying a stop notice

  • Deliberately disturbing spawn or spawning fishing

  • Discharging of silt into the river

  • Illegal operations at a site that is of Special Scientific Interest

  • Failing to take precautions to thwart agricultural pollution from land management and cultivation practices on agricultural land

Oliver Harmar, Chief Operating Officer at Natural England, said: "The decimation of this section of the River Lugg has been devastating to the local environment and local people, destroying the habitats of iconic wildlife such as otters, kingfisher and salmon. It was heartbreaking to see this beautiful riverside illegally damaged."

The river is protected under Site of Special Scientific Status (SSSI) due to its significance for nature. Consent is required before carrying out any work at the site.