Mashreq Hires Faisal AlShimmari for ESG & Strategy

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KnowESG_Mashreq Hires Faisal AlShimmari for ESG & Strategy
Picture of Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari. Image Courtesy: Mashreq

Mashreq, a prominent financial institution in the MENA region, has revealed the selection of Faisal Mohammed AlShimmari, an accomplished Emirati leader, as the new Head of ESG & Corporate Strategy.

In his new capacity, Faisal will guide Mashreq's ESG and corporate strategy, aligning business goals with sustainable growth and optimal practices across crucial ESG measures.

With nearly three decades of experience, Faisal has held influential roles within the government sector, including leadership positions at the Ministry of Interior.

He spearheaded digital transformation and AI initiatives, managed governance and risk matters, and served as Chief Information Security Officer. He also played significant roles at Abu Dhabi Police and formerly served as Senior Vice President - Head of Risk Strategy and Governance at Mashreq.

"We warmly welcome Faisal to the senior leadership team at Mashreq. His extensive expertise, strategic acumen, and profound familiarity with ESG best practices will prove invaluable as he takes charge of the bank's Corporate Strategy, while also aiding regional endeavors toward achieving net zero. In this role, Faisal will build upon the impressive advancements Mashreq has achieved in elevating societal, governance, and environmental objectives. His commitment to sustainability and innovation seamlessly aligns with our corporate values and ambitions," said Ahmed Abdelaal, Group CEO of Mashreq.

In his new position, Faisal will primarily focus on aiding Mashreq in surpassing its sustainability goals and aligning the bank's ESG framework with worldwide climate action initiatives. Furthermore, he will work to enhance ESG outreach, establish strategic initiatives in line with the bank's comprehensive strategic plan, and cultivate expertise within this realm.

"I am thrilled to undertake this crucial role as Head of ESG and Corporate Strategy, particularly in today's evolving landscape. The bank's forward-looking vision and strategy harmonise with the UAE's drive to expedite climate action. I eagerly anticipate collaborating with the team and our clients to gain deeper insights into the challenges they face in meeting their climate commitments and devising innovative strategies to surmount them. Mashreq is an entity that has consistently demonstrated its dedication to taking substantial action in combatting the impacts of climate change, and I take great pride in contributing to Mashreq's journey toward sustainability," Faisal added.

Faisal possesses two master's degrees, four graduate diplomas, and a Gold Commander diploma from the Emergency Planning College (EPC), UK. These qualifications are complemented by a robust background in government excellence, leadership, and child protection.

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Source: Mashreq


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