Lygos Appoints New Chief Sustainability Officer

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Lygos, Inc. has welcomed Chantal Bergeron into the crucial role of Chief Sustainability Officer, with Eric Steen, Co-founder and CEO, as her immediate supervisor.

In her new capacity, Bergeron will assume the responsibility of setting sustainable objectives, instituting operational protocols, and pinpointing prospective avenues for sustainable development within the organisation.

In addition to her newly acquired duties, Bergeron will continue her role as Director of Home Care, offering invaluable guidance to customers seeking sustainable solutions that align seamlessly with their performance requirements.

Steen expressed his enthusiasm for Lygos' commitment to delivering solutions that are simultaneously sustainable, high-performing, and cost-effective.

He underlined the paradigm shift that Lygos is championing by dispelling the notion that achieving all three of these goals is unattainable. Steen warmly welcomed Chantal's leadership, recognising her role in assisting customers in realising their loftiest performance and sustainability aspirations.

Bergeron's impressive academic background, encompassing a Masters in Plant Biology and a Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences, is coupled with an extensive professional journey spanning over two decades.

Her career has included working with sustainable brands such as Tom's of Maine and Seventh Generation, as well as traditional consumer packaged goods giants like Colgate-Palmolive and Unilever.

Speaking about the broader significance of their mission, Bergeron emphasised, "Our impact extends beyond ourselves." She underscored the urgency of aligning with nature's cyclical processes and addressing the issue of non-biodegradable substances contaminating our land and water. Bergeron passionately conveyed Lygos' belief that achieving sustainability need not come at the expense of performance, and she eagerly anticipates collaborating with the team to build a world harmoniously in sync with nature.

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