Ideagen to Simplify Carbon Accounting with AI Tool

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Ideagen, a leader in regulatory and compliance software, has announced a new partnership with envirotech innovator Emizio to create Ideagen Carbon Accounting.

This solution aims to revolutionise the way businesses manage greenhouse gas emissions measurement.

Streamlining Complex Reporting

The platform leverages generative artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify the often-complicated carbon accounting process. This helps businesses meet the highest regulatory standards for emissions reporting with greater ease.

Addressing a Global Challenge

Ideagen already has over 16,000 customers worldwide, many of whom struggle with the accuracy and complexity of reporting to various global ESG standards. Feedback from these clients directly inspired the collaboration with Emizio.

A New Approach for Businesses

Ideagen Carbon Accounting offers a streamlined method for managing carbon accounting, reducing workload, saving time, and alleviating stress for businesses. All while delivering reliable results for reporting.

Effortless Data Management

The platform guides users through the entire carbon accounting process. Contributors can simply upload various types of business activity data, such as energy or vehicle usage records. Regardless of file format, Ideagen Carbon Accounting automatically extracts the relevant data and performs calculations to generate audit-ready emissions reports. This empowers organisations to achieve accurate and efficient carbon accounts with minimal effort.

Enhanced Data Accuracy with AI

The built-in AI capabilities also help identify and reconcile data gaps, a common challenge in carbon reporting. This empowers businesses to report with greater accuracy.

Addressing Industry Needs

"Carbon accounting is complicated and meticulous," says Emma Hayes, Chief Financial Officer at Ideagen. "Meeting the regulations for greenhouse gas emissions requires many datasets from many different sources across a business. If you're a multi-site organization that's even more challenging. It increases the risk of misreporting and greenwashing accusations."

"It became clear that if our purpose is to provide clarity and confidence to regulated industries, then we needed to find a solution that helps businesses navigate the complexities of ESG compliance. But it needed to be innovative, efficient and easy for organizations to execute."

Proven Technology for Wider Reach

The technology behind Ideagen Carbon Accounting is already proven and used by leading multinational financial services organisations. Partnering with Ideagen allows for wider distribution and further product development expertise.

Natasha Thakur, with a background in the financial sector, will lead the rollout, supported by climate strategy expert Alex Whyte.

"This partnership enables us to serve a wider customer base, empowering businesses worldwide to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve accurate and timely ESG reporting," says Thakur. "Ideagen Carbon Accounting is responding to the current demand for better carbon accounting solutions and setting a new benchmark for environmental responsibility in the business sector, emphasizing the critical role of technology in ensuring a sustainable future."

"The announcement comes at a time when environmental concerns dominate global discussions, making efficient and accurate carbon accounting crucial for businesses committed to their ESG goals. Through this new partnership, we can equip both new and existing clients with the tools necessary to effectively meet their objectives, providing trusted results for carbon emissions reporting."

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