IBM Assists NYSE Listed Firms in ESG Endeavours

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IBM has unveiled a collaboration with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), part of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc., a global leader in data, technology, and market infrastructure. The partnership aims to provide support to NYSE-listed companies in their pursuit of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives.

Many companies are facing increasing pressure from various stakeholders to be transparent and accountable in reporting their progress on environmental commitments, ESG disclosures, and climate-related financial risks.

According to data from the 2022 IBM Institute for Business Value CEO study, CEOs are experiencing significant demands for sustainability transparency from their board members (72%) and investors (57%). However, the study also revealed that 44% of CEOs surveyed identified a lack of insights from their data as a major obstacle to achieving sustainability goals, while 35% cited technological barriers as a key challenge.

To cater to these requirements, the new programme will provide eligible NYSE-listed companies with discounted pricing for IBM Envizi ESG Suite during a limited timeframe for initial purchases. The Envizi ESG Suite offers features that can help NYSE-listed companies to:

  • Automate the collection and consolidation of ESG data and calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

  • Streamline ESG reporting to meet compliance and reporting mandates.

  • Utilise data insights and integrations with operational systems to drive sustainability performance throughout the organisation.

"We are delighted to partner with IBM, a longstanding member of the NYSE community, to support our listed companies in collecting and reporting sustainability data," commented Michael Harris, Global Head of Capital Markets at NYSE. "NYSE-listed firms are leading the charge in corporate sustainability globally, and IBM's Envizi ESG Suite offers innovative cloud-based tools to further strengthen their sustainability initiatives."

"Sustainability efforts are becoming increasingly crucial in attracting investment capital and top talent," noted Christina Shim, Vice President, Global Head of Product Management & Strategy, IBM Sustainability Software. "This new initiative enables NYSE-listed companies to access IBM's sustainability software, which automates the collection, analysis, and reporting of ESG data. This empowers business leaders to focus on strategic actions towards their goals rather than spending valuable time searching for data."

Furthermore, the IBM Envizi ESG Suite will be featured on the NYSE's ESG Resource Center for NYSE-listed companies and will be included in thought-leadership events, podcasts, webinars, and more. For further information on this collaboration, please visit

IBM's Sustainability solutions offer a range of technology and consulting capabilities to help companies translate sustainability aspirations into practical action. By leveraging data and integrating sustainability efforts into critical business functions, organisations can make informed, sustainable decisions on a daily basis. To learn more about IBM's Sustainability solutions, visit For insights on "Embedding ESG Data to Operationalise Decisions," visit

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