Hines Forms ESG-Focused Unit for Venture Investing

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Hines, a property management and real estate development firm, has established a new business unit called EXP by Hines to confront the transformative changes occurring in the built environment.

The unit aims to investigate and respond to these changes by creating innovative solutions that enhance flexibility, sustainability, and other value-adding factors for customers. It also seeks to advance environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, contributing to a more sustainable and livable planet.

EXP by Hines is composed of two business groups: Global ESG and Global Venture Lab and serves as a new unit designed to introduce fresh prospects and bring innovative ideas to the commercial real estate industry.

Doug Holte, CEO of EXP, has been appointed to lead the unit. He formerly served as a senior partner in Hines’ west region from 1987 to 2009 and has now returned after running his own innovation firm, AWI (Agile Workweek Investments), and working at the Irvine Company.

Holte envisions EXP by Hines as a growth engine using innovative ideas in capital, culture, and environmental stewardship to connect every stakeholder in the built environment, foster thriving communities, and provide long-term value. The unit looks beyond the confines of real estate to solve intricate challenges.

Peter Epping, the Global Head of ESG, is responsible for leading the platform that strives to foster spaces that benefit people and their communities and create long-term value. The team's primary focus is to hasten the reduction of carbon in the built environment and expand ESG strategies that take a comprehensive approach.

Kathryn Scheckel is in charge of Hines' new Global Venture Lab, which identifies and accelerates ventures, partnerships, and investments that support Hines' customers and communities. The lab features a venture incubator for early-stage startups and a venture investing arm, which is an unparalleled combination in the industry. The unit is presently prioritising the exploration of next-generation ESG solutions, revolutionary built-world technologies, and the changing use of physical space.

For further information about EXP, visit https://www.hines.com/expbyhines.

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