EU Plans To Tag Energy From Nuclear And Gas As 'Green'

Published on: 5 January 2022 12:00 AM
by KnowESG
A Nuclear power plant
A Nuclear power plant

A Brief Summary

The EU, through its new policies, aims to put energy from nuclear power and natural gas under the label of "Green". The move criticized by the members particularly Germany lashing out at Brussels. The controversial move also highlights the divergence between Germany and France on energy targets. If a majority of the members approve it, then it becomes a law from 2023 onwards.

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The new proposals of the EU aim to shift towards a carbon-neutral future and give a message to the world as a global standard-setter for fighting climate change.

"The new activities set would push a phase-out of toxic sources such as coal," it said.

If a majority of the EU members support the decision, it will become law next year, 2023.

Despite strong opposition from Austria and Germany, which is in the process of shutting down all of its nuclear plants, France has led the charge for nuclear power to be included.

According to German Environment Minister Steffi Lemake, putting Nuclear and Gas energies under the label of "Green" energies would lead to devastating repercussions.

The commission proposal states, "It is vital to recognise that the fossil gas and nuclear energy sectors can contribute to the decarbonisation of the Union's economy."

It went on to say that suitable mechanisms for radioactive waste management and disposal should be put in place for nuclear power.

Before a final draft is published in mid-January, member states and experts engaged by the commission have two weeks to request adjustments to the proposal. After then, the European Parliament would have four months to approve or reject the document.