ERM & Greenomy Partner for Sustainable Transformation

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ERM, the world's foremost sustainability consultancy, has unveiled an exciting strategic collaboration with Greenomy, a leading provider of ESG reporting software.

This dynamic partnership is geared towards empowering businesses to effortlessly transition towards a net-zero future while adhering to ever-evolving reporting standards.

Greenomy has cemented its reputation as the premier SaaS platform specialising in streamlining CSRD and EU Taxonomy reporting for corporate entities. Through the integration of legislative frameworks, ESG data repositories, Generative AI, and in-depth analysis of corporate ESG data, Greenomy's Company Portal autonomously generates intricate sustainability reports.

This groundbreaking platform allows organisations to expedite their reporting processes by a staggering sevenfold while achieving an impressive 80% reduction in costs compared to traditional manual reporting methods.

When combined with ERM's extensive proficiency in implementing ESG disclosure standards and regulations, this partnership empowers organisations not only to meet the mounting demands of reporting requirements but also to gain invaluable insights into their environmental, social, and governance impacts.

The CSRD's mandate for double materiality disclosure and expanded reporting obligations has placed corporations under heightened scrutiny, necessitating robust systems for compliance and performance enhancement. Some organisations will be required to adhere to the directive's stipulations for their fiscal year 2024 reports. By 2026, the number of companies within the directive's scope is expected to rise to approximately 50,000.

Onur Durmus, EMEA Service Leader for Sustainable Operations at ERM, emphasised the significance of the CSRD, stating, "CSRD is the first legal imperative to gather high-quality sustainability performance data for companies, making it a mandatory disclosure requirement upon which investors can rely for their investment decisions.

"It will transform decades of voluntary efforts into a mandated systematic framework, where the quality of sustainability data must match that of financial data disclosure. Our partnership with Greenomy ensures that we can assist our clients in effectively collecting and reporting ESG data at scale while operationalising sustainability performance improvements."

Kushal Mashru, Head of Strategic Partnerships at ERM, added, "ERM's expanding network of partners enables us to assist more organisations in operationalising sustainability and accelerating their journey towards net zero. Comprehensive ESG data is a paramount priority for organisations. Through harnessing the power of data, our collaboration with Greenomy is one of the ways ERM is helping our clients raise the bar on ESG reporting and achieve their sustainability objectives."

Alexander Stevens, CEO of Greenomy, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, "The CSRD has presented numerous new challenges for businesses in Europe and beyond. By working in tandem with ERM, we are eager to help corporate entities overcome these hurdles and facilitate their ESG reporting endeavours through our AI-driven Greenomy Portal. Through this partnership, we are not only simplifying ESG data collection and reporting but also catalysing tangible improvements in sustainability performance for ERM's clients, charting a path towards a more sustainable future."

Constance d'Aspremont, Chief Business Development Officer at Greenomy, remarked, "We are delighted to join forces with ERM in our mission to promote sustainable finance and enhance ESG reporting for businesses worldwide. Our alliance will provide ERM clients with a potent combination of ERM's unparalleled expertise in sustainability consulting and Greenomy's cutting-edge AI-powered CSRD/EU Taxonomy solution.

"Together, we are well-positioned to enhance CSRD/EU Taxonomy compliance, making it more efficient, transparent, and accessible, thereby paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future."

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